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Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that has become essential for most executive & admin job roles. Today’s Managers can not survive without doing number crunching in Excel on a regular basis. To thrive in an ever changing business world, you must learn all the important features of MS Excel, and master advanced Excel functions to build your competence and expertise in Excel in your daily work.

Knowledge of Pivot Tables, Formulas of Excel, Data Validation, Data Visualization in Charts & Dashboards is essential To unlock its full potential and enhance your productivity, our Advanced Excel Courses in Singapore are designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with advanced features and functionalities of Excel.

Prospective learners and Excel users must know the basics of Microsoft Excel to do all the common tasks well.

We have a range of courses in terms of Advanced Excel Training, focusing on the specific functions and features that an advanced user like you will want to learn. These advanced excel training courses have been designed based on our years of experience in data analysis tools and tasks used by executives and managers for their business and personal use.

  1. Basic Data Analytics With Excel
  2. Infographics & Data Visualization with Excel for Business Analytics
  3. Advanced Data Analytics & Data Visualization With Excel, leading to Business Intelligence with Microsoft Excel.
  4. VBA Macro Programming with Excel

Let’s see what you learn in each of these Advanced Microsoft excel courses that work in any type of industry and any type of position. Join any of these Top selling Excel courses, and build your advanced excel skills in a short period of time. The Singapore government is funding these courses with WSQ Grants and you can also use SkillsFuture & UTAP funding for such excel courses.

Duration: Each course is a 2 days course.

Class Format: Instructor-led, hands-on training

Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Excel

Course Curriculum for Advanced Excel Formulas and Spreadsheet Functions:

Our comprehensive Advanced Excel Training focuses on teaching you the various tools and techniques of Excel, advanced functions, creating formulas in Microsoft Excel,

For detailed course outlines of our Microsoft Excel Courses, you can visit the specific Excel training course webpages. We can also send you the brochures for arranging a Corporate Training on Excel at your office too.

Advanced Spreadsheet Functions and Formulas

  • Utilizing logical functions (IF, AND, OR)
  • Working with lookup functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH)
  • Mastering statistical functions (AVERAGE, COUNT, SUMIF, COUNTIF)
  • Exploring text functions (LEFT, RIGHT, CONCATENATE, SUBSTITUTE)

Data Analysis and Management:

  • Sorting and filtering data effectively
  • Using data validation techniques
  • Working with Pivot Tables
  • Creating dynamic charts and graphs
  • ​Excel Simulations with Goal Seek, Scenario Manager & Data Tables

Advanced Data Visualization:

  • Customizing Excel charts and Graphs
  • Creating sparklines and trendlines
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Using slicers and timelines

Basic Excel Macros and Automation With VBA:

  • Introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Recording and running macros
  • Writing custom macros using Excel VBA
  • Automating repetitive tasks with Advanced Excel Techniques

Data Integration and External Connections:

  • Importing and exporting data from external sources
  • Connecting to databases and web data
  • Consolidating data from multiple sources in MS Excel in a Pivot Table
  • Using Power Query to transform and clean data
  • Using Power Pivot for creating DAX formulas and functions for data processing

Advanced Data Analysis Techniques:

  • Advanced data filtering and sorting
  • Performing advanced statistical analysis in Excel Reports
  • Building interactive dashboards
  • Exploring “What-If” analysis with scenarios

Benefits of Our Advanced Training on Microsoft Excel:

Once you complete these high level certification programme in Microsoft Excel, you will have a high level of expertise and confidence in using advanced spreadsheet functions and advanced formulas of excel. You will also have a great understanding of Pivot Tables in Excel from our range of courses, and you will be able to utilize the full potential of the spreadsheet application.

Make use of the Numerous advantages of Excel, and become a Microsoft Office Specialist with our Best Excel Training Courses in Singapore.

If you need help with the fundamentals of Excel, you could opt to go for the Basic Excel courses first.

Expert Instructors: Each of our Microsoft Certified trainer is passionate about sharing their knowledge and Business application skills. They have a wealth of experience in all features of MS Excel. All advanced level trainers will guide you through the course and provide precise information, personalized suggestions & tips and tricks to enhance your previous experience & knowledge of MS Excel. They will go an extra mile for your benefit.

Practical Approach: The course is designed to focus on hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to help you apply Excel’s advanced features effectively. You will learn a numerous functions and advanced Formulas that will take your spreadsheet skills to the next level. You will be a Microsoft Excel Specialist who knows how to do data management, use pivot tables for analysis, and apply a wide range of advanced functionalities

Comprehensive Learning Materials: You will receive comprehensive course materials, including step-by-step guides and practice files, to reinforce your learning.

Small Class Size: We maintain small class sizes to ensure a conducive learning environment and personalized attention for each participant. By building a better understanding of advanced excel formulas, you will take your application skills to the next level and be able to do common tasks at your own pace, quickly and easily.

​Certificate upon Completion: Upon completion of each Exce course, you will be awarded a certification of attainment from SSG Singapore, and another Certificate of Completion from Intellisoft Training in Singapore.

Post-Course Support: After completing the course, you will have access to our dedicated support team for any Excel-related questions or assistance.

Whether you are an analyst, manager, or business professional, our Advanced Excel Course in Singapore will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become an Excel power user and take your data analysis and management abilities to the next level. Even public sector – government organizations from multiple ministries come to learn Excel with us and pick simple functions of Excel, learn to combine formulas of Microsoft Excel, create pivot tables, basic macros, and even complete some personal projects.

Prospective learners should enroll today and unlock the true potential of Excel at Intellisoft, the Best Microsoft Excel Training centre in Singapore. With affordable price of course fees, ample government grants, and a detailed ebook to practice at your own pace at home or office, you

Note: Please check our website for upcoming course dates, fees, and registration details.

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